Looking forward to daffodils and daylight

Tonight I’m sitting at my desk surrounded by 2000 daffodil coloured poetry cards and a pile of envelopes! With less than three weeks until spring I’m bundling up cards to post to rest homes and medical centres in Southland, South and Central Otago. Rosalind from Oamaru has offered to deliver poetry cards in her area, which is a terrific help. And in a couple of weeks I’ll start buzzing around Dunedin delivering cards after school.

Good news in the post today: Bendigo Valley Sports & Charity Foundation approved a grant to PitWR (NZ) which will cover our printing costs for the summer and autumn editions.

So who are our spring poets?
Well we have from the States, Billy Collins an ex USA poet laureate, and Adelaide B Shaw. We’ve called into Central Otago and invited Pauline Cartwright to provide the children’s poem. Shirley Deuchrass and Carolyn McCurdie are our Dunedin poets. From up north we have Stephen Oliver and André Surridge. André has provided the haiku for this edition. Alyson Hallett is our UK poet and Emma Kruse Va’ai, is our first poet from Samoa.

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