Daffodils and Plum trees

I wandered down to the bottom of our garden this morning and caught these daffodils having a final snooze before lifting their faces skywards. I’d asked our printer for a daffodil coloured card and I think the picture above proves she got it exactly right! Our plum trees (discarded stones from two young lads many years ago) were also at their best with a mixture of blossom and new leaf buds.

1500 cards were delivered and posted to medical waiting rooms and rest homes this week with 500ish still to be delivered. My neighbour, Jan, accompanied me on this morning’s delivery to rest homes in South Dunedin. We walked from Queen Rose to Oxford Court and then on to St Barnabas and Radius Fulton. At St Barnabas an elderly lady, whose hearing aid battery had just expired, mistook us for staff. We sat outside in the sun, enjoying the beautiful garden, and had a chat with her while I replaced the battery. They are tricky wee things but being the grateful owner of two hearing aids I am well used to slipping them into place. So then it was time to head home and attend to our own gardens.

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