Lilliput Libraries

Lilliput Libraries was our 2015/16  PitWR Dunedin project and it’s still going strong in 2021!


Sawyers Bay Lilliput Library – on site at the school

The books are free for anyone to take away. You don’t have to become a member of Lilliput Libraries, you don’t need to return the books.  But we encourage you to take a book now, return or donate one later. If you’re walking by and see a book that interests you, take it home. Next time you’re passing you may want to return it or pop another book in the Lilliput Library. We’re more than happy if you pass your Lilliput Library book on to someone else. It’s all about the love of reading.

Check out the locations of our Lilliput Libraries here.

If you would like to design/build a Lilliput Library or supply books/donate paint, please get in touch with me. If you think you’d like to become a Guardian and have one on your property then contact me so we can talk about suitability and requirements.

 waitingroompoems(at)gmail(d0t)com. Please replace ‘at’ with @ and (dot) with .


6 Responses to Lilliput Libraries

  1. I would be interested in becoming a Guardian for a Lilliput library at my home which is at 36 Beach Road Long Beach.

  2. Russell Walker says:

    Hi Ruth, myself and ,my Granddaughter have made a library to hang on our fence. I was just wondering what was involved in becoming a Lilliput librarian. I even have a lot of old books. I Live in Kakanui North Otago ? 7 Kakanui rd

    • ruth arnison says:

      Hi Russell, email on its way to you now. Cheers Ruth

      • Michael Deaker says:

        Hello Ruth. I too want to be a lilliput library builder/guardian at 144 Signal Hill Road, Opoho. We could supply a lot of books, non-fiction and fiction, for our neighbourhood and passers by.
        Michael Deaker

  3. Dennis Gibb says:

    Hi Ruth, my wife and I would love to establish a library at the top of our drive @ 4a Kenya Street, Ngaio, Wellington, I would have no problem constructing our own cabinet and we have a lot of passing foot traffic. We also have quite a number of books of almost every genre and also purchase local library cast off books for 20cents each all of which would end up in the Lilliput library

    Dennis Gibb

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