Pocket Poetry NZ


Have you come across a Pocket Poem yet?

Pocket Poetry is the Poems in the Waiting Room (NZ) 2019/20 boutique poetry project.

We pop snippets of poems with accompanying photos/artwork on business sized cards.  A selection of these cards are displayed in business card holders on counters in several cafes and businesses around Dunedin.

They’re free!

Old Friends

We can’t help ourselves – we love sharing great poems!

Look out for them at: Roslyn Pharmacy, Urgent Pharmacy, Musselburgh Pharmacy, Resene Colorshop, Tuppence Cafe, Blacks Rd Grocers, Bloomin Gorgeous, Your Pro Chef, Dog with Two Tails, Trade Aid, Scribes, Taste Nature, Watsons Eatery, Morning Magpie, Mercy Cafe and Reception, Adjo cafe, Side-on cafe, The Kind Grocer and Project Wellness.

The place to be

Robert K Johnson – poet. Anne Bannock – artist

You’re welcome to pick one up to read, enjoy and pocket. 

New poems will appear on a regular basis.


Kath Beattie – poet. Anne Bannock – artist


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