Competition poems

Poems are arrowing into my letterbox from all over New Zealand. Today I received an entry from my youngest ever poet – she is just 6!


Bud, by Phillipa Wilson, was made in collaboration with Hone Tuwhare. This sculpture is on the University of Otago campus.

Just a short chat tonight as I don’t want to take you away from writing your competition poems and, I’m about to head out to hear the Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra! I heard them talking on Radio NZ National last weekend. They sound like a lot of fun as well as sounding fantastic musically.

I emailed the summer card, a stunning lime green, to the printers last week.  It’s a bumper summer edition with poems from Roy Marshall, Diana Hendry, James Carter, Paul Muldoon, Pat White, Peter Bakowski, Carolyn McCurdie, Linda Connell, Harry Ricketts, and Billy Collins.

Look for it in a medical centre near you during the first week of December. Thanks to the Bendigo Valley Sports and Charity Foundation for sponsoring this card.


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