Home and away

Some of our winter cards are being read in Europe right now. Kay McKenzie Cooke has just returned from Paris, Germany………. and ‘left’ a few cards in cafes. A great way to spread poetry.
poetry cards in berlin
David Kelly-Hedrick leaves Dunedin on Saturday week to head home to Seattle with his family. His going is a real loss to Poems in the Waiting Room as in a space of 8 months he’s  proof-read our cards, been a support person for funding applications, created three artworks for our Bellamys at Five exhibition, and been a listening ear and a bundle of fun, egging me on with my projects.

Last night I sent an email asking him for some help to jazz up the frontispiece of the exhibition booklet I’m working on. And he obviously had a bowl of poetry for breakfast this morning as three emails landed on our breakfast table with wacky, weird and wonderful one-liners. Here are four just for starters……..

Caution: This Waiting Room is Powered by Poetry

 Beware: Poetry Lurking Ahead

 Now Growing in Your Doctor’s Waiting Room: Poetry

Free-Range, Organic, Sustainable, Renewable, Eternal and Soon to Be Exported to Distant Galaxies: PITWR

Knowing that Barry and I enjoy walking around Dunedin, David sent a mysterious message, a few weeks back, saying he had planted some lines and if we found and photographed them he had a prize for us. So for a fortnight after every walk I’d email him and say we were in Maori Hill, South Dunedin, Waverley, Logan Park – warm, close or hot? In the end our son discovered the lines so one Sunday morning we followed Chris’s directions and came across

David Kemail
A couple of days later David and Heather arrived over with our prize – a  poetry book of course!

While wandering through town today I came across this piece of street art. Some days I feel like that can, full of possible words, but just needing some energy to release them!!

Pushing poetryemail

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