When the fun has gone out of funding!


We’ve lived next to our neighbours for 25 years, they’ve featured in several of my poems  and although they’re not really into poetry Murray attached this blackboard to their deck where he writes messages and verses for our amusement. They are the bestest of neighbours!

The spring card is ready and waiting and waiting……… for a sponsor before it heads off to the printer. All charities are struggling at the moment – just not enough dollars to go around. Because this is our 20th edition it will go ahead but if sponsorship continues to be an issue we’ve decided we may have to distribute the cards twice yearly rather than the current quarterly distribution.

I’m counting down the weeks until our Bellamys at Five exhibition. Pauline and John knocked out a wall at the Gallery this afternoon to make room for the events we’re holding in conjunction with the exhibition.  Hop over here to check out what’s happening. I’m posting updates at least twice a week – info on artists, poets or other activities associated with the exhibition.

And some great news. Helen Lehndorf has agreed to be the judge for our 2014 poetry competition. Because she is not a Dunedinite, I’ll ask for two copies of every entry so I can keep one poem here and send the other off to Helen for judging. Look out for more information about the competition right here in October.

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1 Response to When the fun has gone out of funding!

  1. Very much looking forward to this task, Ruth! 🙂

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