Looking back and counting

Our summer poetry card dipped into rest homes and general practices in Lower Hutt for the first time this December. I sat down this afternoon to work out how many cards to print for the next edition and while figuring that out also gathered up some numbers for the year.  And? Well during 2012 we distributed 21447 poetry cards to 307 general practices, 202 rest homes, 7 prisons, and 3 hospices.  90 braille poetry booklets were also distributed around New Zealand. Special thanks to our sponsors and everyone who has helped us out with donations this year.

Looking for inspiration for your competition poem? Why not wander down to your local gardens and if that’s easier said than done, take a look at these photos I’ve captured over the last few months at Dunedin’s Botanic gardens.

Garden sculpture

Garden sculpture


The bandstand

Botanic Gardens

The winter garden glasshouse


A family Sunday outing

knot garden

The knot garden

mossy seat

Lichen on a garden seat

Spring in the upper gardens

Spring in the upper gardens


Tui feeding outside the aviary.

and in the aviary….. heads down and feeding

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