Here comes Summer

Many thanks to: The Lion Foundation for sponsoring this edition, all the poets for allowing me the loan of their work and, NZ Post for providing me with a bundle of free post envelopes in response to my application to Community Post 2010. This was especially appreciated as, after printing, postage is our main cost each season.

Spring update: I posted a bundle of spring cards to a North Island prison where they were well received. This summer card is being sent to several other prisons and hopefully the response will be equally positive.

I had hoped to move further northwards by now but the increase in paper costs has meant our dollars aren’t going as far as we’d like. So for now we’ll just try and maintain our current numbers and wait out this economic downturn before broadening our horizons!

Feedback is always welcome, email or post. I enjoy hearing whether I’ve managed to balance the mix of poems.

Happy summer reading


Our summer poets:

Lindsay Pope is a Wellington poet who has had work published in The Listener, Turbine, The Red Wheelbarrow, Swamp and Sport. He completed an MA in creative writing at Victoria University in 2009.

Rose Amy Fyleman was an English writer and poet, noted for her works on the fairy folk, for children. Her poem There are fairies at the bottom of our garden was set to music by English composer Liza Lehmann.

Emma Neale
has had three collections of poetry and four novels published, with a fifth novel due out in 2011. She works as an editor and creative writing tutor, and lives in Dunedin with her husband and their two young sons.

Bob Orr has lived in the Waikato, Auckland, Sydney and Wellington and is currently Auckland based, where he has worked for 20 years on the Waitemata Harbour. He has had seven collection of poetry published.

André Surridge is a poet and playwright who lives in Hamilton. His work has been published and/or performed in Britain, the US, Canada, Croatia, Australia and NZ. His writing awards include the Shell Playwrights Award NZ 1984 and Haiku Have-a-Go Competition, Katikati, 2004.

Elizabeth Nannestad has published two collections, the first of which, Jump (AUP, 1986), won the New Zealand Book Award for Poetry. She lives in Auckland.

Michele Amas moved to Wellington in 1982 and graduated from the New Zealand Drama School in 1984. Her first collection of poetry, After the Dance, contains poems written for her Masters in Creative Writing, for which she was awarded the Adam Prize for best portfolio.

Jacob Polley is a British poet and novelist. His collections of poetry, The Brink and Little Gods, are published by Picador, UK, who also published his novel, Talk of the Town. He teaches at the University of St Andrews.

Anne Powell was born in Taranaki. She has three collections of poems published and appears in several NZ anthologies & journals. She loves living in Wellington. She is a Cenacle nun living in a community whose area of mission is spirituality.

Nola Borrell
has had poetry, including haiku, published in New Zealand and overseas since the mid 1990s. In 2008 she co-edited ‘the taste of nashi‘ – New Zealand haiku.

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