A picture of innocence!

Whew another 2700 cards all distributed!

I was in Oamaru for a couple of days before Christmas so took the opportunity to go with Rosalind (she wrote, from Oamaru in 2009, to congratulate me on PitWR and then found herself delivering the Oamaru cards!) and drop the cards off to the rest homes and medical practices. I came away wondering whether Oamaruvians are always so cheerful or if they just had Christmas spirit in abundance.

With Rosalind moving to Dunedin, Oamaru will now be added to my postal distribution list. BUT I’m talking with a service club and hopeful they might be able to assist PitWR with the quarterly distribution throughout the wider South Canterbury/Otago area. I’ll know more by late February.

I’ve also got a yearning to progress northwards next year. In the previous blog I’d decided to sit tight for a while but I’ve changed my mind and want to have a real go at achieving my dream sooner rather than later. After 6 months of letter writing to publishers, medical associated companies, arts benefactors and businesses I received two replies before Christmas. Once 2011 kicks into gear I’m hoping to continue our conversations. I’ll post any positive news on the blog!

UK PitWR’s trustees have just sent me their 50th edition. The coming autumn edition will be our 10th so we’re on our way!

And speaking of autumn, that seasonal card is completed and just waiting for final proofing before it’s off to the printers. I’ve just realised it has a totally unplanned rural theme running through it with poems about farming, chooks, cats, and pigs.

Last night I stayed with Imogen who lives in a bucolic spot just outside Waikouaiti. On the way down to collect the post this morning we encountered chooks, pigs, cattle and a horse – all very friendly. Imogen’s goat wandered down the road with us, stopped for a photo (above) and then suddenly decided he wanted to charge me for it! His head went down and as he came racing towards me I took off and practically ran into the New Year!!!

All Good Wishes for 2011 and Happy Holidays


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