Poetry Competition 2012

The 2012 competition has now closed.  Information about the 2013 competition will be posted here late October 2012.

21.03.12 – The competition results have been posted on the Home page today. See: And the winners are —

Conditions of Entry:

  • Information on how to enter and prizes form part of these Conditions of Entry. By entering the “Poems in the Waiting Room 2012 Poetry Competition” (“the Competition”), entrants agree to be bound by these Conditions of Entry.
  • The Competition is open to New Zealand residents only.
  • The Competition commences on November 1 2011 and closes at 5pm on 29 February 2012.
  • The maximum length for each poem submitted is 25 lines (excluding title).
  • Each entry must be the original work of the person submitting it, and may not have been previously published, broadcast, awarded any prize or payment or submitted elsewhere until after the announcement of the results of the Competition.
  • Poems may be on any subject or theme taking into account the nature of the waiting room environment. The poems must be easily accessible, and not make great demands. Poems with political, religious, or morbid overtones will not be successful.
  • Poems may be either neatly handwritten or typed on A4 paper.
  • All entries will be judged anonymously. The entrant’s name must not appear on the poem itself.
  • Each poem entered must be accompanied by – a separate sheet of paper detailing the title of the poem, the entrant’s name, address, contact number and email address.
  • The entry fee is $5.00 for one poem or $10.00 for up to three poems from one entrant. Cheques should be made payable to PitWR (NZ). Entry fees will be used to assist with the printing of future PitWR seasonal cards.
  • To enter the Competition, entrants must send their entries to Poems in the Waiting Room (NZ), 19 Hunt Street, Andersons Bay, Dunedin 9013.
  • All entries must be received no later than 5pm on 29 February 2012 otherwise the entry will not be accepted. PitWR (NZ) takes no responsibility for lost, damaged, misdirected, late, illegible or incomplete entries. Entries submitted electronically will not be accepted.
  • Under no circumstances can alterations be made to poems once entered.
  • The judge’s decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  • Entrants must ensure that they keep a copy of their poem as poems cannot be returned and for administrative reasons entries cannot be acknowledged.
  • The copyright of each poem remains with the author.
  • The prizewinners will be announced on PitWR (NZ)’s website (www.waitingroompoems.wordpress.com) in April 2012. Unsuccessful entrants will not be contacted.
  • By accepting a prize, winners consent to PitWR (NZ) using his/her details and photographs for promotional and media publicity purposes.
  • The D Scene Prize will be awarded for the best unplaced poem from a poet resident in Dunedin.
  • All entries received will be considered for publication in PitWR (NZ)’s English and Braille seasonal editions.
  • PitWR (NZ) reserves the right to cancel or amend the Competition or these Conditions of Entry at any time without prior notice. Any changes will be posted on PitWR (NZ)’s website (www.waitingroompoems.wordpress.com). In the event of the Competition being cancelled all entry fees will be refunded.

16 Responses to Poetry Competition 2012

  1. Bill says:

    Love the idea, not so crazy on the entry fee. hope you get some good entries.

  2. ruth arnison says:

    Hi Bill – it was a very thoughtful decision. We’ve been distributing the poetry cards for three years with only enough finances to get from one issue to the next. If people wish to support the project by entering the competition then it may just provide us with the finances and confidence to move into new regions sooner rather than later. If this becomes an annual competition we’ll definitely relook at the entry fee question.

    Cheers Ruth.

  3. Penny says:

    I think the fee is totally acceptable these days considering other competitions. It’s not really about the prize money, it’s more about getting acknowledgement isn’t it?

  4. Cherry Hill says:

    Brilliant idea. I will look out a poem and send it with the $5.00 fee. I look on that fee as my support for your work to continue.


  5. Deryn Pittar says:

    How many of the received entries do you accept and print on cards? Just the four prize winners, or more?

    • ruth arnison says:

      Hi Deryn.
      Poems, which aren’t selected for prizes, will be considered for the poetry cards if they’ve followed the criteria set down in the competition rules and they appeal to the editor.
      Cheers Ruth

  6. Ruth Lieshout says:

    Hi Ruth
    $5 entry fee sounds very reasonable – I picked up a card at the Doctors and I was inspired to write my very first poem which I will submit. I wondered how you could afford to print and circulate them and now I know. Good job and well done, if I get published it will be very exciting but if I don’t I am glad I can support an excellent cause. (oh and my name is also Ruth which I thought funny when I saw it was run by a Ruth).

  7. chris says:

    can you send cash instead of cheque?

  8. Manu Johnson Peake says:

    Hi there, recently I submitted three poems along with my entry fee, but I added my name and contact details to each page….. I did not read the guidelines, where it says to add a separate page to each poem adding your name and contact details. Have only just read them now. Does this mean that my 3 entries to this competition are void, and, if so, am I able to re-apply next year? Maybe it’s not so difficult to cut the details off that I added, and kindly remove my name or black it out? I realise this is added work for the organisers, but in all honesty, it’s a simple mistake. I’m looking forward to receiving your reply, I hope your decision is favourable 🙂 Thanks. Manu Johnson Peake.

    • ruth arnison says:

      Hi Manu
      Several entries arrived with names and addresses on the same page as the poems. It was no problem. I either cut or blackened out the details and added the poems to the judging pool. They’re all away with the judge now. Look out for information, in October, about our 2013 poetry competition. Details will be posted on our blog and once again we’ll email our poster to all public libraries. Cheers

  9. Manu Johnson Peake says:

    Hi! Many thanks for your speedy reply and your extra attention to all the rogue entries who didn’t follow the rules! 🙂 What fun to enter this, I look forward to the resulting collection along with enjoying the journey. Manu 🙂

  10. Rose says:

    Hello Waiting Room,
    I love this idea! When is the due date for poems for next year? Is there an email list I can subscribe to to keep in touch?

    • ruth arnison says:

      Hi Rose
      I’ll post info on this blog early October re details of the competition. I can’t tell you any more at this stage as I’m still deciding its format!
      Cheers Ruth

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