A Palette of Poetry

Andy McCready’s response to Bernadette Hall’s poem, Scraps.

Both artworks are for sale at Resene Colorshop Dunedin supporting

                                   Poems in the Waiting Room (NZ)

And Donna Demente’s response to the same poem.IMG_0432




 The scrap angels were always like this,

the upper torsos of plump baby girls

with chubby elbows, their hands

curled back against their necks

like petals, the fingers curved softly.

Relaxed, they give a little questioning

frown as they look towards the camera.

They had thick fair curls, pink cheeks,

moist blue eyes, cupid mouths,

those edible angels, as sweet as scallops.

Little white barred feathers

sprouted from their roundy shoulders

like flags, like the tailfeathers

of Canada geese. We used to swap them,

we’d stick them in our scrapbooks

with flour and water paste.

We’d make moue mouths in the mirror

because we wanted to be just like them,

beautiful, smiling, obedient children of God.

Pure, and if it was at all possible, blonde.

Bernadette Hall

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