Hello Spring, we’re 40

IMG_0021.JPGOur Spring poetry cards will be in the mail next week.

This is the 40th edition of Poems in the Waiting Room (NZ)


We’ve made the font larger in this edition so our rest home residents may find it easier to read. All feedback welcome.  Our Spring poets are Kay McKenzie Cooke, Sue Wootton,  Tony Mitton, Lynley Edmeades, Robert Louis Stevenson, David Budbill, D E Green, Phil Wood, Eric Dodson, and Diana Hendry.

Happy Reading


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3 Responses to Hello Spring, we’re 40

  1. Gallivanta says:

    I will look forward to reading these poems next time I visit my doctor.

  2. Polly Mason says:

    What pleasure over the years to see the latest edition in the waiting room when I need to see the doctor. There were none left when I was there last week and I was concerned. Maybe they were going to be no more! Oh dear! So absolutely delighted to learn I was just a bit early. Thank you so much.

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