October news

I know Lilliput Libraries has its very own blogsite but we’re so excited about the installation of our first Lilliput we’ve tumbled over here into the PitWR blog.


Dunedin’s first Lilliput Library at 21 Hunt Street

AND we have a new addition to our team.

Click the Behind the Scenes tab to read about Sheryl.


Sheryl, our latest PitWR trustee, is an artist. Here she is with her Lilliput masterpiece!

Our hedge wasn’t suitable for the installation for a Lilliput Library so our neighbours, Murray and Jan, offered to host it. Murray not only secured it to his fence but also created two steps so people won’t get wet or muddy feet while choosing a  book.  Sheryl lives a couple of doors up from Murray. This Hunt Street Lilliput has been a real community effort.


Murray preparing the steps before the arrival of his Lilliput Library.

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