The Spring card has inspired another poem!


This Spring card has certainly been a hit! I’m in awe and totally chuffed by the responses.

Today I received a poem in the mail from the residents at Seaview Home in Picton.  It has absolutely delighted me. I’m going to forward a copy of the poem to the four poets who have been mentioned. Read and enjoy!

Thank you dear Graham, Kathleen, Ursula, Bill
for your poems, we’re glad you’re producing them still.
What  rhythm! what rhyming! what superb sense of timing
to send them on National Poetry Day!
And Daffodil Day for the Cancer Society.
What day could be found of more fitting propriety?
Yellow bird – gift of love, or grey for a  dove
A hundred and more names and objects of  love
By the plight of your cat, all our hearts have been smitten –
outclassed by the neighbour, poor undervalued kitten!
Your poems have cheered us, our wars are abating
As long as we sit in the waiting-room  waiting
we cannot do better, we could do  much worse
to express admiration than to thank you in verse.

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