A poetic response to the Spring poetry card

A revelation this morning :

Monday morning
Rushing, discussing
Hair and toothbrushing
Lunch making, breathtaking
Locating  the keys
Relieving but reeling
Just before leaving
I get the feeling
There are words
I’ve been meaning to read

Your words
Still waiting, left on the shelf
A moment or two
For the sake of my health
A tale of a goldfish
A lovelorn cat
I laughed myself silly
Even though it was sad

Now I’ve remembered the power of words
Beautiful, clever , funny, absurd
Stopped me
At the door
Calmed me and charmed me
I can’t wait to see more

Stephen Trinder

I’ve had a number of positive comments from readers about the latest Spring poetry card but this is the first time I’ve received a poetic response! Thank you Stephen T.

When I checked with Stephen to see if I could reprint his poem he replied, of course I’d be honoured, …. in between leaving the house and getting to work this morning I had to stop quite a few times to scribble ideas down (the police might have otherwise stopped me for driving and rhyming). I have a pile of different Poems in the Waiting Room at work so I was also able to spread the message when a co-worker asked me how I was feeling. Many thanks to you and the project in general. Maybe as well as in the waiting room, poetry should be prescribed in the surgeries too.

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