Fracking & Hawk

Pat White is the judge  for the Poems in the Waiting Room 2016 poetry competition.

His latest book is Fracking & Hawk.

 Fracking & Hawk

Fracking & Hawk is published by Frontiers Press, and will be launched on 28th August, National Poetry Day, at Mackenzie College and Community Library, Fairlie,  at 5.30 pm.

The publication of Fracking & Hawk is intended to help a specific cause. After discussions with the principal of Mackenzie College, Reece Goldsmith, a Creative Writing prize has been set up at the College. Pat and Catherine have provided a trophy, and guaranteed the prize money for the next five years. Offering an incentive to young people to express themselves in writing appealed to Pat and Catherine as a way they could make a contribution to the community. The sale of Fracking & Hawk will assist them with funding the award, and you can help by buying the book.

These poems, writes John Horrocks, ‘draw on a lifetime of immersion in the natural world and its rhythms’, and follow on from Planting the Olives (Frontiers, 2004). In Fracking & Hawk, the poet has added a strong sense of disquiet to his well-known observation of rural life and nature.

This ‘deep engagement’ is described by Sue Wootton as being, ‘beautifully crafted, intelligent, and full of heart’.

To order Pat’s book either email Pat at for bank details or send a cheque to Frontiers Press, c/- 17 Princes Street, Fairlie 7925, New Zealand with your name and address.

Fracking & Hawk is $25.00

Planting the Olives is $20.00

Postage is included within NZ for orders prior to 28th August 2015

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