Branching out with Poems in Paekakariki

Several weeks ago I received an email from Dave who told me he was associated with the Paekakariki Station Museum. Dave said they had a waiting room that is open for the public to use in the mornings while waiting for a train and wondered if I could supply him with poetry cards for the train passengers to take and read.

Paekakariki Station

He also mentioned that they were in the process of setting up an Arts Walk around Paekakariki which would have Poems on Display from local poets and four poems would be placed on the outside station walls.

I told Dave that up to now I’ve turned down any requests for cards from organisations outside the medical sector. The reason being that we have limited funds and resources to go beyond our ‘medical’ mandate.


the fact that they have an ARTS walk on the agenda and poems are to be placed on the station meant I was happy to make an exception.


Today Dave sent me a photo of this poster along with news – we are having a blessing and opening of the Arts Walk on the 30th of August so are going to put up the poster and have your poetry cards available at the same time.


The above photo shows a poem on the Paekakariki Station Museum wall and the photo below depicts one of the roadside stands they are using for their Arts Walk.


We are delighted to be playing a part in this great community project.

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