Great paper bags for your purchases at Time Out

We’re just home after spending 10 days visiting friends on Magnetic Island.  28 degrees most days on Maggie and arriving home to -5 in Dunedin – quite a shock! On the way home we stopped off in Auckland for a couple of nights to visit our son who is studying in that humongous city. Walking back to our accommodation on Friday afternoon we came across Time Out Bookstore. Well we couldn’t walk by so we popped in for a browse and lingered and browsed and bought 3 books. It had a wonderful bustling friendly inviting atmosphere. One customer saw me holding my book and whispered, whatever you do don’t put it down. She went on to say she had gathered two books when Time Out’s sale started, put them down while she picked up another book and when she turned back to get them they were gone! Hold tight she said and we burst out laughing. Go visit your local bookshop and support it – I can’t bear the thought of a world without bookshops. 

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2 Responses to Bookshops

  1. Dear Ruth,We know Magnetic Island – missed a good party there recently, due to bad health. See any koalas?Julie Ryan

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