Gifts of happiness

Annie Lighthart1

The lovely Annie Lighthart

Today I received two gifts.

One was a gift of words from Annie Lighthart in response to my request for the use of her poem for our Spring edition. ( I know, I know we’ve only stepped into winter but I like to be prepared!)

Thank you so much for writing — your lovely email has made my day.  To have my poem included in Poems in the Waiting Room would be an honor.  I can’t think of any better wish than for a poem to go out into the world that way, hoping to find someone who might need it. 

This is such a delight — and to know that the poem will find a home in New Zealand, a place that I have always wanted to visit, makes it even more so!

I mentioned to Annie that I would have to play with the lines of her poem to make it fit within the constraints of our cards.

I don’t mind at all about the indented lines carrying over to fit the card.  I played with the lines a little and maybe this form would work for the carry-over lines in the first stanza?

Annie’s generosity is much appreciated. Roll on Spring when we can showcase her poem.


I was working away in my potting shed, sorting out seeds I’d gathered from my summer garden when I came across some which had gone mouldy. I immediately thought of my friend Mary. We’ve never met but through Poems in the Waiting Room we’ve struck up a seasonal friendship! I post each new poetry card to Mary and she always replies with a letter, maybe some seeds from her garden or perhaps some chocolate. As I was thinking I’d need to write and ask her about my mouldy seeds Barry called out ‘mail’ and….. it was a letter from Mary with some chocolate and a mention that she enjoyed Pat White’s poem Notes from a winter postcard.

The chocolate was my Saturday night treat. Next, a letter to Mary to ask about my seeds. Maybe I need to bring them in from the shed.

Next week, good news about Lilliput Libraries – can’t say any more just yet!!!


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