Lilliput Libraries

A little free library in Melbourne

A little free library in Melbourne

After work on Wednesday I set off on a ‘begging trip’ around the local hardware stores. I was hoping to get offcuts or maybe, just maybe, convince one store to supply me with free materials so we could get the first Lilliput Library out into a neighbourhood.

First stop was Bunnings Warehouse.

I spoke to Katie who is the coordinator for community projects and when I showed her my Lilliput plans her face lit up and she called the manager to come and have a look! Ooops, I thought, they’re going to laugh me out of the shop. The manager looked at my plans and photos and gave me a huge grin and said, “What are you wanting Ruth?” So I thought aim high Ruth and I asked if he would supply me with free materials to make 1 Lilliput Library. His immediate response was, “No, we can’t supply materials for one but we can supply materials for ten and we’ll make them for you as well.”   I didn’t throw myself into his arms or burst into tears, I was very restrained although I was totally totally overwhelmed.  They both thought it was a great community project and were extremely happy to support it. I’m meeting up with Katie next week to work out the building schedule. Staff members will be building them on Saturdays at Bunnings’ DIY workshops. Once I know the dates I’ll let you know. Please support Bunnings  – they are making the most amazing contribution to the Poems in the Waiting Room Lilliput Project!

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Lilliput Libraries – take a book now, return or donate one later.

I’m hoping some of our Guardians will be happy to paint/ decorate their Lilliput Libraries during some of the Saturday sessions at Bunnings. I’ll keep you up to date with progress and the locations of these free neighbourhood libraries.

If any Dunedin people would like to donate books to get these libraries off to a flying start please contact me  – waitingroompoems (at) gmail (dot) com.  Please replace the (at) with  @ and (dot) with .    Many thanks, Ruth.

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3 Responses to Lilliput Libraries

  1. Gallivanta says:

    That’s a fabulous response!

  2. Peta Hudson says:

    HI Ruth just wondering what sort of books are needed. Any subjects I guess and what about size?

    • ruth arnison says:

      Hi Peta
      Any subjects, fiction and non fiction, adults’and chn’s books…. One Guardian is looking for a retro fridge for his Lilliput Library and another wishes to use recycled materials for his Lilliput so we’re happy to house books of all sizes:-).

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