Lilliput Libraries


Another stunning day in the South. We drove down to Aramoana and enjoyed a wander along the beach this morning. Then we called in on my brother who had plenty of work planned for the day but was quite happy to stop and show us around his ark which he has been building for a number of years. After a tour of the ark and the neighbouring castle we went to see Just Doi’s section down the road which will be the arks eventual resting place. The letterbox is ready and waiting!


We had a long chat with Margaret and Just Doi in their garden, checked out their hens, and brought them up to date with Lilliput Libraries – the name I’ve settled on for the Poems in the Waiting Room 2015 project. Just Doi has offered to be a Guardian, has already been promised books and is playing around with design ideas for his library. Exciting!

The castleMy next day off is Friday so I’m planning to visit a few hardware stores in Dunedin and see if any are willing to gift me suitable offcuts, for building Lilliput  Libraries. Jason from Miller Studios Ltd gifted me an armload of perspex offcuts for the library doors and Gary at Stevenson and Williams has told me to call in and he’ll see what he can find. I feel very positive that local support will see this project take off. I’ll keep you posted!

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2 Responses to Lilliput Libraries

  1. Sally A says:

    How wonderful Ruth that local businesses are coming on board so fulsomely and so early – it augurs well for your ‘little’ project xx

  2. Laura Cary says:

    What a wonderful idea! We would love to take the Lilliput Library idea to our school, Selwyn House School, in Christchurch. This fits our environmental principles and is another fabulous way to encourage reading among our students.

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