Letters and postboxes


A beautiful letterbox, crafted with care, spied while out walking one morning.

I received a letter in today’s mail, addressed to Poems in the Waiting Room, from a prisoner. The letter reads…….. I was reading your pamphlet of poems and I think it’s an awesome thing you do. This is all I can donate, do with it as you please.  A poem was included which was very much appreciated.

I love the fact that our poetry cards are very rarely turned away. Hospices, medical centres, rest homes and prisons all welcome the cards into their ‘lives.’  I post 6000 cards out every season and all it takes is one letter (commenting on the card, telling me about a favourite poem, or even telling me my selection is ‘off’) to fire my enthusiasm for the next edition.  My father was a minister and I’m sure he would have found a parable in amongst these writings! I’m just pleased that the cards reach people and are able to make a small difference to lives, even if it’s just for a moment.

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One Response to Letters and postboxes

  1. Gallivanta says:

    Beautiful mailbox. Beautiful letter.

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