Poetry in Dunedin

Because the PoARTry@Olveston exhibition is going to keep me busy for ten days over August and then the following six weeks I’ll be busy preparing for the Poems in the Waiting Room exhibition, A Palette of Poetry, I decided to bring Spring forward this year. It’s wonderful being able to pick and choose the timing of the seasons!  Today I collected 6000 spring Poems in the Waiting Room cards. Not, that you’ll get to see them before spring. Sorry! Having them here now allows me to address and envelope at my leisure rather than having a mad rush when there will be so many exhibition things on my mind.

I also collected the proof of my booklet, PoARTry@Olveston today. Jenny Longstaff, who designed it for me, has magic in her fingertips. She took photos of the artworks, gathered up my poems and married them together creating a little gem. This weekend I’m  going to proof the proof and then return it to the printer who tells me he’ll have it ready in time for the exhibition opening, no sweat. I believe him. He prints our poetry cards every season with no fuss, no hassles and produces a perfect card every time.

Spring 2014resized

Our Spring card

And just to end a perfect poetic day we went to the Dunedin launch of Essential New Zealand Poems tonight. James Norcliffe, one of the selectors, was the Master of Ceremonies and it was a fantastic ceremony. One and a half hours of readings by Dunedin poets, and friends/relations of deceased Dunedin poets, who all had poems included in the book.   Dunedin was well represented in the book. We certainly deserve the title, UNESCO City of Literature. We’ll know in December – here’s hoping.

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1 Response to Poetry in Dunedin

  1. Gallivanta says:

    Hope Dunedin is successful in its bid.

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