Ducks in a rowThis morning we parked in Port Chalmers and went for a stroll around the Back Beach circuit. It was an amazing winter’s morning – warm, sunny and calm. It’s rare to experience all three conditions at the same time in Dunedin.

Shadow BoatsThe reflections were amazing. My first thought was, Sheryl McCammon, an artist friend who lives in our street, would love to be around here today. She has an amazing talent when it comes to painting reflections. She’s even managed to incorporate some in her ‘Olveston’ artwork which is an indoor scene.

Pleased to meet youThe geese are usually quite vocal but they were too busy drinking or perhaps making friends with their reflections.

I’ve just added the haiku to the spring poetry card and passed everything over to Barry for proofing. Once he’s given me the ‘ok’ I’ll be off to the printer to pick a colour for this spring card – something bright and cheerful, and that’s before the poems are added.  I’m earlier than usual with this card because I’m hoping to do all the addressing and enveloping while I’m Gallery sitting at my Olveston exhibition from August 8 -18.  And if you’re not familiar with my Olveston happenings then hop over here.

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4 Responses to Reflections

  1. Gallivanta says:

    But, perhaps, the calm before the storm!

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