Carved from light

Last Wednesday night we drove out to Blueskin Bay library collecting Sophia Frentz on the way. We hadn’t visited the library before so we were interested to have a look around before Tasmanian poet and artist, Ron Moss,  started his multimedia presentation Carved from Light -the way of art and haiku.

The gathering was small but very friendly with Louise and Kay offering mulled wine, juice and nibbles. Sophia and Ron had met before at a haiku conference in the USA so they were pleased to catch up again.

The presentation was stunning. With haunting music in the background Ron read his haiku as each image appeared on the screen – haiku with hand painted or photographed backgrounds. Ron’s haiku have been inspired by careful observation of his surroundings and nature. His callouts as a volunteer fire-fighter have also made an impression on his work.

By the number of questions asked at the end of the presentation it was obvious everyone had enjoyed the evening.  I was pleased to catch up with Rob and Wai Piggott. Rob created a wonderful piece of art in response to a haiku for the When North meets South exhibition and is involved in both the Olveston and Poems in the Waiting Room exhibitions later in the year. Ron saw some of Rob’s artwork on my blog page and was equally impressed. He’s  catching up with Rob and Wai during his short stay in Dunedin.

I gave Ron a copy of John Holmes’ small hand printed foldout haiku book  – John made a number of these for the When North meets South exhibition. John came along to the evening and discovered that Ron shared his passion – both letterset printing men.

John H's books

After all our emailing back and forth organising the evening, when we met, Ron and I just slipped into conversation as though we’d known each other for years. We’re meeting up after work this week and I’m planning to encourage him to return next year. I know there was interest from the University but this trip coincided with the end of the semester so next time, there will be a next time, we’ll coordinate dates so more Dunedinites can enjoy Ron’s creativity.

ron moss

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3 Responses to Carved from light

  1. Gallivanta says:

    The Haiku books look beautiful.

  2. Awesome to see letterpress type still being used for printing. I created a doco of John Holmes for a vid project for Aoraki Study Dip of Digi Photo last year. I real joy to see letterpress type being used as it used to be.

  3. Ron C. Moss says:

    Thanks Ruth for the great review and my best wishes to everyone that came and many thanks for the warm welcome…Ron

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