A love story about The Heart

Yesterday’s mail bought the Listener and a card addressed to Poems in the Waiting Room from Auckland. It read like this

Dear Ruth

I’m writing, to first of all thank you for producing Poems in the Waiting Room which is a lovely idea and secondly because I’m trying to find the words of a poem that was published in the Summer edition. It described the heart having four chambers, and talked about the natural world within each chamber. My sister-in-law Cathy read the poem at my wedding in St Enoch’s Church in Alexandra this year. She’d been searching for a poem for months, and it just happened that our nephew had a sore thumb and they’d visited the medical centre just before the wedding and found the poem. It was perfect. Hope you can help with the words.

Sincerely Lisa

The poem Lisa was looking for was The Heart by NZ poet Greg O’Connell. I’ve used several of Greg’s children’s poems in the poetry cards over the years. The minute I came across The Heart I emailed Greg for his permission to include it in a card. It’s a stunning and moving poem.  I emailed the poem to Lisa last night and this morning her reply…..

Hello Ruth

We’ve been married for five months now, and reading the poem aloud has transported us back to our wedding day when Cath read it during our ceremony. She was visibly moved, and we all felt the emotional power of the words. We honeymooned in Central Otago: we both love the whole province from the inland mountains and old mining towns to the wild eastern coastal regions; and so the images in the poem really resonated with us.
We are happy for you to share our story on your blog. You don’t have to change names. There’s more; Paul and I met in 1985 and fell for each other at first sight. However, he went on his O.E. and, in a nut shell, life happened; we lost track of each other over time. Five years ago I managed to track him down again-thanks to modern technology – we reunited and our marriage ceremony was testimony to the enduring power of love.

Kind regards

Lisa and Paul Streekstra

I enjoy hearing stories about the poetry cards – kind of a reassurance the cards are earning their keep! A friend had his first chemo session last week and afterwards told me how pleased  he was to see that bright blue Poems in the Waiting Room card.

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1 Response to A love story about The Heart

  1. Gallivanta says:

    I am so delighted to learn about the poetry cards. I haven’t come across them in a waiting room but I now know to look out for them.

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