Behind the scenes

Aine Kelly-Costello collage

Áine Kelly-Costello is an Auckland Uni student, doing a double degree in Music and Spanish. Áine calls in to the Blind Foundation offices in Auckland once a week to proofread for them.

 Lyvie took these photos of Áine proofreading the winter braille poetry booklet. I’m not sure whether Áine found the poem she was brailling amusing or maybe she was responding to something Lyvie said to get her to smile for the camera.


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1 Response to Behind the scenes

  1. Sally Angus says:

    Ahh Ruth. John has completed his first treatment today and has no feelings of nausea so we are very relieved about that.

    One of the first things he commented on afterwards, was how much he enjoyed reading your poems 😉 So there is some very fresh feedback for you.

    How is your dad?


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