Small acts of kindness

Autumn 14 resizedAfter an edition goes out I never know whether I’ll receive any feedback. If I hear nothing I just presume the poems were alright and didn’t offend/upset anyone. And then the times I do get a response I’m usually pleasantly surprised.

I arrived home from work this afternoon to find a note from Lee Briccetti, the Executive Director of Poets House in New York thanking me for the latest poetry card. Lee asked me to look them up if I’m ever over this side of the pond. When I was seeking permission from the publisher to use William Stafford’s poem I was asked to send a couple of copies of the card to Poets House. I wasn’t expecting a reply, so an appreciated bonus.

Autumn 14 1 resizedYesterday an email arrived from Auckland readers saying how much they enjoyed this edition. An email arrived last week from a receptionist in a  medical centre saying, the cards are very well received by our patients.  Some patients can’t believe that they are free and they are able to take them home if something in one of the cards has impressed them.

Basil Dowling’s wonderful poem Poppies featured in the latest edition and Basil’s daughters Imogen and Virgina both sent emails congratulating PitWR on the beautiful production and the project.

These small acts of kindness have left me looking at the whole project with renewed enthusiasm!

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1 Response to Small acts of kindness

  1. Gallivanta says:

    My heart is singing just knowing that this project is out there.

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