Empty nests and letterboxes

A letterbox in Broad Bay

A letterbox in Broad Bay

Yesterday we had people knocking on our front and back doors handing in last-minute competition entries. Our 2014 poetry competition is now closed so today, for the first time in weeks, our letterbox was empty.  On Monday I’ll bundle up all the poems and send them on their way to our judge Helen Lehndorf. I’ll keep you posted on Helen’s progress but reading over 300 poems will take some time and then there are decisions to be made. I am so glad I have nothing at all to do with the judging!!

Broad Bay China

Broad Bay China

This morning we drove down to Broad Bay and went for a wander around the village.  We first called in at the famous Broad Bay China shop and sold a couple of plates to Sue. We inherited the plates 15 years ago from a relative in the UK but we’ve never liked them so we decided to celebrate March with an autumn clean.

Broad Bay autumn

Looking across to Broad Bay village

Our sons moved out of home several years ago but every now and then they’ll reclaim their rooms between flats, jobs or locations. Our youngest lad is travelling in South Africa, currently volunteering at a Baboon Sanctuary, so we’re storing all his belongings. (He’s loving it so much I’m not sure when we’ll see him again.) Our eldest lad and his partner have just moved out after staying for a couple of months so when we spied the nest below while exploring Broad Bay I knew the feeling.


Empty Nest

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