One hungry letterbox

We’re regular walkers, and spoilt for choice in Dunedin. There are three beaches we can wander to from home, and then there’s suburban pavements, the town belt area, Ross Creek, the walkway/cycle path to St Leonards, the loop around the back of Port Chalmers, the Botanic Gardens, inner city wanderings, the Peninsula ………. The one factor we always take into account before heading out is not whether it’s windy or not, it alway is, but which direction it’s blowing.

Over the last few weeks we’ve been collecting letterboxes on our walks. Well, no not physically picking them up and taking them away but I have been popping them into my camera.

Today we meandered down to Port Chalmers for a wander and look what we came across.


We found this one in the city last week.


This little beauty used to live down the road from us.


And this very non quirky letterbox is where all your competition poems land. It’s possibly the original letterbox so about 60 years old. Every time we paint our house we give our letterbox a new coat to match. It’s a hungry letterbox – please feed it your competition poems!


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