Poemas en la Sala de Espera

JuanFrom left to right in front, Adriana – Clemencia – Ángela – María Fernanda – Juan Pablo. Back: Juan Felipe – Francisco – Juan – Juan (a very popular name in Colombia, as you can see!)

Last April I received an email from Juan ( he’s the guy with the beard in the photo)  telling me that on World Poetry Day he discovered “Poems in the Waiting Room”. Since then he had been dreaming about having a ‘Poemas en la Sala de Espera’ in Spanish and in Colombia, his home country.

Over the last few months I’ve contacted Juan several times with ideas and tips  on how to get the project up and running. And exciting news today. Juan emailed saying they have the money to print the first 1000 cards. Juan and his friends (above) plan to start distributing the cards in 50 waiting rooms in Bogotá.

It’s brilliant to see Poems in the Waiting Room being established in other countries. I’ll keep you up to date with news from Bogotá.

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2 Responses to Poemas en la Sala de Espera

  1. Sally says:

    Go Bogota, and GO YOU Ruth for being such a great resource for them 🙂

  2. María Clara says:

    I´m very happy that dream came truth, and I´m very proud that Ángela be my bigger sister.
    Congratulations for this fabulous group of friends.

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