Great weather for ….. snails

Snail's pacePlans for spending my few days off in the garden have been thwarted. It feels as though we’ve had more rain this month than we had all winter! Whenever it stops we throw on our anoraks, gloves and hats ( I know, I had to look out all my winter gear) and brave the cold for some very fresh air.

On Monday we wandered through the grounds of the local school as we’d heard they had a new library. While peering through the windows one of the teachers came out and invited us in for a look around. She taught our younger son many years ago so we had a great catch up. The following day we met Kay McKenzie Cooke and Robert out walking. We drifted into twosomes, Kay and I nattering along the pavement, bouncing from one topic to the next,  while the men walked behind us conversing. Yesterday we didn’t meet anyone on our walk. Maybe people were still enjoying their Christmas dinner or perhaps  recovering from it! With no little ones in our household we’ve abandoned all the trappings, presents, feasting…… We just enjoy spending the day with whoever is home.

It’s great poetry writing weather in Dunedin right now. What am I saying? Poetry is an all-weather hobby! Why not head over to our competition page, read up on all the dos and don’ts and get writing.  The last day for receiving entries is February 28.

Rainy day garden

Rainy day garden.  I’m not sure why we’ve left the hose out, we won’t be needing it for a while…..

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