The summer card – responses


Not your typical waiting room – spider webs and moss claiming the seating.

The first week after a new edition has been distributed is always interesting. Cards are returned because: medical practices/rest homes have closed; medical practices don’t want them; after years of delivering to a certain address the postie suddenly can’t find an address……..

Emails arrive saying: as much as we love the cards we don’t have room for them; please stop sending them to our practice…….


Thank you for the latest issue of WR Poems. Our patients and staff really love them and often ask where they can get them from. We do appreciate your sending them to us. (This medical centre has asked for more cards each season.)


We were delighted to receive our small package with Poems in the Waiting Room cards.  What a wonderful idea. The residents in our facility love them especially the dementia unit. (This rest home has also asked for more cards each season.)

So a mixed bag of responses. I don’t mind when people ask me to stop sending the cards. I’d rather they did that than just throw the cards away each season! If you know of a rest home/medical centre which doesn’t appear to receive our cards please let me know and I’ll approach them and see if they’re interested in being added to our mailing list.

Thanks, Ruth

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