Launching PitWR in Virginia, USA

Summer 2013

Summer 2013

I collected 6000 purple poetry cards from the printers this afternoon. Our lounge has been taken over by boxes and poetry cards begging to be enveloped and sent out into the world. It’s not an overnight process so they will just have to be patient.

During the weekend I’ll post the bios of all the summer poets on the blog. But until then have a look over here. I am so so impressed.

How did I come across this site? Well the UK PitWR peoples suggested I might like to get in touch with Angela Charlton, the Clinical Dietitian in Oncology at Carilion Clinic, and tell her about the NZ PitWR project. Angela, who is a committee member of the Healing Arts group, replied today and I’d like to share a couple of paragraphs with you.

We are launching a new PitWR project here in Virginia, USA,  with our inaugural brochure tentatively planned to be on display December 1 (Winter here!).  I work on a hospital arts committee and was able to successfully pitch the concept and move forward with it, thanks to the blessings and assistance graciously provided by Michael and the rest of the UK founders.  Our plan is to work with our local universities (Hollins, Roanoke College and Virginia Tech-Carilion Medical School), having their English/Creative Writing depts collaborate with us in rotation re: poem selections for each brochure.  They are each incorporating PitWR into their own university curriculums in unique ways and are as excited about this opportunity as we are.  VT-C will utilize an annual competition.  

 Our hospital system is a large one, with over 8 hospitals and > 150 clinics (I can’t remember the exact # at present), all or most of which we intend to stock with the brochures.  Our first print will be 15, 000.  We are fortunate to have a dedicated fund-raiser on the committee, who tends to sponsorship for us. 

Right so I guess you know what my next project is!!

Well maybe not. But I’d love to be part of a similar project on a smaller scale.  Our Southern District Health Board has not accepted our offer to supply the wards, waiting areas or any of their associated facilities with our free poetry cards so I think my chances of initiating anything like the Healing Arts project in Southland/Otago  won’t be a happening thing. But, it’s certainly a wonderful idea and I might just make some enquiries with health providers beyond Dunedin. Watch this space!

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