Good things

I’m always looking for ways to spread the PitWR story!

When  Sal was in Dunedin a couple of months ago we met up at the Toitū cafe for a catch up. And when the talk came round to PitWR, Sal suggested I contact local freelance writer Suzanne Middleton to see whether she thought the PitWR story might be worth a line or two in any NZ magazines.

A couple of weeks later I met up with Suzanne who thought Good magazine might possibly be interested so I gave her the lowdown on PitWR and left her to do what she does best. The next email from Suzanne was yes, they’re keen, can you send Sarah Heeringa, the editor,  some photos of you, the cards……. 


there’s a tiny tiny but wonderfully written article about PitWR in the Nov/Dec issue of Good magazine.

While I’m talking of good things we visited Olveston today and thoroughly enjoyed an hour-long tour of this Edwardian Dunedin home. I want to find out more about the art collection in the house so may book in for that tour sometime soon.  The grounds and gardens are immaculate, the  potager and glasshouse are terrific. Well worth a visit.

Olveston Collage

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