Competition thoughts while gardening

This morning I walked down to the printers to select the colour for the summer card. It’s becoming harder each season to find a light bright colour we haven’t used. I promised the printer the card will be ready by November 1 so with the layout settled, it’s just a matter of proofing the card, a task I always allocate to someone else. I’ve been so immersed in the poems I tend to read what I think should be there!


Rosalind has proofed numerous cards for me,  David proofed a couple of editions before he headed home to America, and this time Barry has offered to critique my work. I’m not sure whether having an inhouse proof reader is a wise decision!

Spring gardeningI was weeding in the garden this afternoon and mulling over our 2013 competition which attracted an extraordinary number of entries relating to medical issues/scenarios. So I was wondering if perhaps poets who aren’t familiar with our cards think that our title, Poems in the Waiting Room, means we’re looking for medical type poems. To be succinct, we’re not.

Our aim is to select poems which will take readers away from the sometimes quite stressful or anxious wait they are experiencing. We’re more likely to choose poems which are upbeat, aren’t  complicated and leave the reader feeling happier about themselves and the world.

Spring evening

Lawnmowing or proofing PitWR cards?  Hmmm, a tough choice!

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