On not giving a speech

Last month Denise Head rang me and asked if I would be the guest speaker at the Fernhill Community Group’s monthly meeting. I’m not at all comfortable speaking in public  so I asked Denise if I could just sit down and chat with her group rather than give a formal speech. I was extremely pleased when she said that would be fine.

Fernhill Community Group

9 of the 10 people who turned up to the Fernhill Community Group’s monthly meeting

So tonight I shared the Poems in the Waiting Room story with the very friendly group who turned up to the Deaf Society rooms in Manor Place. It was a very relaxed evening with questions and answers, suggestions as to places I could possibly try for funding and names of people who might be interested in receiving the cards.

Mike, the local Community constable, was also at the meeting. Denise mentioned how often the community constable can sort out neighbourly niggles before they go ‘too far’.  Mike is a vital link in the community, keeping in touch with the local shopkeepers, and a welcome presence on the streets.

The Fernhill Community Group publish a newsletter every month and deliver 1000 copies throughout their area. I’ve asked to be added to their mailing list (although I’m not resident in the area) as the guest speaker for their next meeting sounds intriguing. I’m very impressed by this small group who see something needs doing and without fuss just get on with it. The playground in the Market Reserve was one of the group’s fundraising projects.

Before we headed out into the rain we enjoyed a chit-chat over supper. I’ll be back next month for another enjoyable evening.

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