Poems ‘n hats

Last week I found a ‘must have’ poem about hats so I emailed the poet asking for permission to include it in a future poetry card. I say ‘future’ because I thought I’d selected all the poems for the summer card but after a bit of juggling and shuffling a new hat size space appeared!  Right now I’m in limbo as  I’m waiting to hear from the  poet. Here’s hoping.

Back Beach3

Geese at Back Beach last month

A friend and I went for a walk around the Back Beach Road at Port Chalmers this afternoon. The usual ducks and geese were noticeable by their absence. But we met walkers with their dogs and stopped to chat to Cash (short for Cashew) and her owner. Cash’s mum was called Peanuts, no further explanation required!

aurora designs

Aurora Designs

As we wandered back into Port Chalmers we spied a new shop, Aurora Designs. It had a very enticing window display so we called in for a look around and got chatting to Dawn Clark.

Dawn at work

Dawn at work in Aurora Designs

Dawn makes all the art deco style hats and they are fantastic. The shop is open Thurs/Fri 10-3, Sat/Sun 10-5. Well worth a trip down to Port.

3 George St, Port Chalmers

So how’s that for a coincidence! I’m hoping it means I’ll receive an email soon giving me permission to include hats in the summer card. Watch this space.

Hat trio

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One Response to Poems ‘n hats

  1. kiwiskan says:

    Love the hats – if I’m ever down that way I’ll be looking for the shop

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