A wonderful outcome

During the second week of our Bellamys at Five exhibition Janie Porter, one of our artists, contacted me saying if her painting didn’t sell she’d like to donate it to somewhere in Dunedin – the library, or the hospital, or anywhere it might brighten people’s day.

At the end of the exhibition, Today was still in the Gallery so I put our plan into action.  I emailed Ginny Green at the Otago Community Hospice, attached the photo below with a copy of the poem, and offered her the painting. Ginny replied immediately saying they would love to hang the picture and the poem at the Hospice.

Today email

Janie Porter’s response to “Today” by Billy Collins

 This afternoon I had the pleasure of meeting Ginny who was delighted to take charge of the painting. She showed me one area of the Hospice where it could possibly be hung. Often with a painting it takes several ‘tries’ before it finds it right home. Ginny said she’ll send Janie and me a photo of Today when it’s settled in.

Many thanks to Billy Collins and Janie Porter for a truly wonderful collaboration and outcome.

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