Poetry cards and competitions

Life is busy with tidying up after the exhibition, thinking ahead to the Resthome Residents photographic competition, working on the new poetry card for Summer and quietly planning the 2014 poetry competition. I feel a bit dithery calling it 2014 when it opens in 2013 but as the closing date is in 2014 that’s reason enough I think. I’ll post all the details about the competition in the last week of October.Tokens-redeem-block I still have to organise a poster and the advertising but we have a competition judge, Helen Lehndorf, and book vouchers all organised for prizes!! A HUGE thank you to Booksellers New Zealand and Otago University Bookshop for once again supplying the book vouchers and supporting Poems in the Waiting Room.

UBSIf you have entered our competition before you’ll be familiar with the entry requirements. BUT this year, since our judge is a non Dunedinite, I’m asking everyone to send me two copies of each poem. This means I can post one set of poems to Helen and keep another set for myself so I can pick out any poems I’d like to use in future editions of Poems in the Waiting Room.

Please call back again in the last week of October for more details.

Cheers Ruth

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