Getting a feel for braille

braille postcardYesterday in the mail I received a lovely postcard with a message for me in braille. I  hunted out the DIY braille guide, which Lyvie from the RNZFB sent me when Poems in the Waiting Room produced its first braille poetry booklet, and proceeded to work out the message letter by letter.

diy braille

A couple of words evaded me and wonderful Lyvie suggested I send it up to her to be transcribed! She was able to tell me it was from a lady who has a standing order for our braille poetry booklets.   I think I’ll pop into Hillside Rd on Monday after work and ask one of the RNZFB staff there for some help.

We can’t afford to have all the poems from each card transcribed into braille so we choose 4 poems from each card. The choice has nothing to do with the quality of the poems but their length! Lyvie said today that the spring braille poetry booklets will be distributed next week. When she sends me a photo of our latest booklet I’ll post it here with the names of the poems included in it.

There are so many wonderful spin offs from this project. It has certainly enriched my life.

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