Poets on the prowl

This morning we parked in town and went for a wander around the University area. Being a public holiday it was quiet except for the Leith which was tumbling and rushing along, leaving its duck residents quietly dismayed among the rushes. They looked quite flummoxed as to why their homely trickle of a pond had turned into a torrent.

GrotesqueAnd talking of flummoxed, we spied this grotesque, one of several, on a building at the University. I’m sure that’s how I look when I’m figuring out the Poems in the Waiting Room accounts!

GrotesquesAnd more! If you look carefully you might be able to see all these grotesques in the top photo of this group.

KereruAnd then around the corner we happened upon this big plump kereru looking very satisfied after lunching on a bough of berries.

For KayOne last photo before we turned for home. This street art was on a flood prevention wall. That’s the Leith you can see in the foreground. I emailed the photo to my friend Kay as we both enjoy happening upon street art. She’d been walking in the same area today but hadn’t spied this. But she had bumped into another out walking poet. Obviously a day for poets on the prowl!

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1 Response to Poets on the prowl

  1. kiwiskan says:

    Love the grotesques…

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