Braille booklets are back!


Autumn in Wanaka

Today I received a letter in response to a funding application and it didn’t say a cheque is in the post. But that wasn’t bad news because …….. it said, the money is in your bank.

Immense immense gratitude to The Lion Foundation for their support of our braille poetry booklet venture.

We had to halt production at the end of last year because I couldn’t secure ongoing funding for the braille booklets. But in the wee small hours one morning I came up with the idea of reducing the number of poems in each booklet which would in turn reduce our costs.

Late this afternoon I emailed Lyvie from the RNZFB with the good news. I sent her a mix of poems from the autumn and winter poetry cards and let her know my budget would allow 10 pages of braille in each booklet so please fit in as many of these poems as you can.

The Lion Foundation’s grant will allow us to transcribe and print 10 braille poetry booklets each season for the next four seasons. Wonderful!


Kingfisher musing on a line in Dunedin last weekend

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