Wallpaper, walking and words

In town, the wallpaper house with its apron

We’re very lucky that there are a variety of great walks we can enjoy just by stepping outside our front door. Some days we’ll take the car, park in town, and spend an hour or two exploring back streets, alleys, or the industrial area within the city. Other days we might drive towards Port Chalmers or Portobello and  enjoy a walk on established tracks, walkways  ……..

white heron
Today we decided to walk from home, a favourite 10km circuit which provides us with sea and harbour views. We hadn’t been walking ten minutes when we spied a white heron on the lagoon. We’ve lived here for 25 years and this was our first sighting!  So the rest of the walk we made up stories as to why it had decided to put in an appearance, where it might have come from ………

Smaills Beach
Further up the hill we watched surfers checking out the waves, and then we turned left, climbing up and over until the harbour was in sight. Walking homewards with the harbour for company we came across these kids and nanny.


Yesterday’s walk involved driving to the other side of town. We created a loop walk, as we’re not fussed about retracing our steps. The bull and cows were very vocal. I was quite wary about being in amongst them but was assured the farmer wouldn’t leave charging bulls on a freely accessible public walkway. The views looking across the harbour townwards and out to Port Chalmers and seawards were terrific.

Walkway collage

Last week while walking along a rural road we came across this wording on a plaque on a tree at the beginning of a bush walk.

Time flows beyond this point.


Time flows beyond this point. Explore
Sometimes we walk and talk,  mostly we just walk and enjoy the silence, birdsong and views. But whatever we’re doing, I’m always collecting words and ideas for poems!

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