A little bit of this, a little bit of that, and golf!

This afternoon I called in to the printers to select the colour for the winter card. Matthew was very patient with me as I flicked back and forth through the colour charts, umming and ahhing. There were several colours I liked but I had to take into account how well the poems will show up against various backgrounds so in the end I chose a ‘safe’ colour!

Wanaka billboards

Wanaka billboards

And talking of colour, we were in Wanaka during the recent Wanaka Festival of Colour. We enjoyed watching the progress of these billboards  as we walked along the lakefront into town.

Wanaka lakefront tree

Looking up from under a lakefront tree

I think I’ve mentioned before that I don’t ever ask for submissions for the Poems in the Waiting Room cards because I just don’t have the time to read,  or respond to  large volumes of mail. Because the cards appear quarterly we only need approximately 40 poems annually. By entering our annual poetry competition it means you’re not only supporting our charity but also there’s a chance your poem will be considered for publication in a future card.

The winter card, due out in June, features the winning poems from our 2013 competition plus three poems, including one by an 11-year-old lad, which were entered in the competition.

I made the difficult decision at the end of last year to halt production of the braille booklets because I couldn’t secure funding for them. After receiving a heartfelt letter from a lovely lady saying how much her friend appreciated the booklets I had a rethink. If I can secure funding I’ll start publishing the booklets again but reduce the number of poems from 8 to 4, thus halving the cost of each edition. I’m hoping to hear back any day now as to whether my latest funding application has been successful.

Last week I received a letter in the mail from my friend Elspeth. I just wanted to send you this poem from a friend of mine.  She is almost 91 now and  as sharp as a tack –  wonderfully outspoken and perceptive. Anyway, despite having difficulty seeing, she is a great fan of Poems in the Waiting Room. She sends greetings, ( probably blessings as well, given she is a nun) and has also since sent me a copy of a poem she wrote about a nephew’s  golf news.

So I thought I’d share it with you.

How Come?

How come –
This tiny, little ball
Has me so firmly in its thrall?

It sits sedately on its tee
And sends magnetic rays to me

And then –
With my smooth, measured swing
It seems to grow a magic wing

And takes the fairway straight and clean
To land precisely on the green.

At other times, as if to tease,
It veers off sideways in the trees

Or, just so close you cannot miss
It rings the hole and takes the (you know what!)

And yet –
You clever son-of-a-gun
One glorious day, YOU HOLED IN ONE.

How come?

Pauline O’Regan

Pauline O'Regan

Pauline O’Regan

 And, if you want to know the latest news about the poets and artists participating in our 2013 exhibition, Bellamys at Five, hop over here .



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