Poetry but mainly….. Dunedin

If you’re checking in to see if there is any news of the competition I can tell you the poems are with Emma but her work commitments are ‘full on’ at the moment.

The autumn poetry cards are all delivered! With some cards left over I decided there was no point having them sitting around home so I posted them away to Whanganui Medical Centres.  I hope to include Whanganui rest homes next edition. It’s a slow business but I’m just inching my way through the country as money allows. Centimetering doesn’t haven’t the right ring does it?

And since you’re here why not join me on a walk to work – I love sharing Dunedin!

My car has been out of action for two weeks after an accidental confrontation with a neighbour’s truck while it (my car) was parked outside our house.  But as the weather continues to be dry and windless I haven’t been inconvenienced too much and I’m enjoying my walking to work mornings.

Early morning paddle

I captured these ladies quietly enjoying the sunrise. It looks idyllic but if you’ve read my earlier posts you’ll know I’m happiest with my feet on solid ground!  I walk as close to the harbour for as long as possible, winding around behind some industrial buildings delaying the need to get in amongst the city traffic.

There were no rowers out the morning I took this photo as they were all packed up and ready to head off to the South Island Secondary School Champs in Twizel.

First Church with all her spires, a commercial building, which has recently undergone a major renovation with at least two floors added, and the moon posing in all her fullness.

Dunedin’s wonderful and much photographed Railway Station

Wandering up Lower Stuart Street from the Railway Station, I pass another imposing building –  Dunedin’s Courthouse.

And then

 around the corner, another of Dunedin’s much photographed, and delicious treasures……

Cadbury art

And because one is never enough…….

And after all that excitement I usually cut through the Countdown car park, slip by the Police Station and…… except one day I noticed a sculpture in the Police Station foyer so I nipped in for a look.  After much searching I found some information here

Police station sculpture

And now …….

I’ve arrived at work. The Otago University leases part of this building -it’s off-campus and right in town. I work with the sound of shoppers, students, sirens, tooting horns, helicopters coming in to land on the hospital, and the stop-start of parking wardens’ motor scooters backgrounding my day!

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2 Responses to Poetry but mainly….. Dunedin

  1. kiwiskan says:

    Thanks for the walk

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