Clouds, a courthouse, a poem, and the competition

DSC01145As our glorious summer continues I’m still walking into work each morning. Yesterday before I veered off the shared pedestrian cycle path to spend five minutes walking closer to the water and away from the traffic, I glanced behind me to ensure there were no cyclists coming and look what the sky was up to! Magical. See, you never know what’s going on behind your back!

FishingI continued on and came across the last of the rowers coming out of the water after their morning training session. Early morning fisherman were in full swing with gulls taking a keen interest. And there was the Monarch  gently rocking at her mooring. The photo was about as close as I can get before I start feeling squeamish! I love the sea, being near it, watching it, paddling in it but don’t ask me to come aboard.

The Monarch

This poem which I wrote a few years back may explain my wariness!

A record of thanks

Considering that
I feel ill standing on a wharf
watching boats rock’n roll

throw up at sea

withdraw the contents
of my stomach in light aircraft

I’d like to thank
whoever is responsible for
the earth’s airpocketless revolutions

Court building

Moving right away from the water and approaching the city I captured a thick bank of cloud rolling over the hills. Then because I didn’t want to get held up by a shunting train at the railway crossing I walked over the railway bridge. Dunedin’s Court House, another splendid Dunedin building, called out for a photo. I know, I know it’s rather obvious. I do love Dunedin!! As I came down the railway bridge on the other side I veered around the railway station gardens – well the sprinklers were on – and with 8.00am fast approaching backpacked my camera and pushed onwards to work.

OK, now I’ve wooed you with clouds, a courthouse and a poem here’s the competition news. I heard today from Emma that her work commitments are behind schedule owing to the whole family being stricken with a bug so she won’t have a chance to look at the competition entries until mid April. I assured her that poets are well used to waiting for up to three months for a response  and we are patient people. So in the meantime I’ll keep you entertained here and here.  Whenever there’s any news re the competition I’ll let you know. Sincere thanks to everyone who entered, the support has been amazing.

Ruth Arnison

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3 Responses to Clouds, a courthouse, a poem, and the competition

  1. kiwiskan says:

    Love the poem – and the photos

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