Swamped by light

Early Morning Andersons Bay

Early Morning Andersons Bay

Today was forecast to be hot so I decided to get up early and make the most of the cooler morning before heat and inertia – laziness – overcame me! And I was well rewarded. As I wandered to the letterbox to collect the paper I was stunned by the cloud formations and light filtering through. I popped back indoors, retrieved my camera and recorded this morning’s sunrise. The golden colour behind the blue Agapanthus is the sun shining on the flax leaves.

Octagon - Market Day

Octagon – Market Day

Today was the annual Dunedin Thieves Alley Market Day so I abandoned the idea of  housework and decided to have a wander around the stalls. Thieves Alley is usually so busy a wander isn’t possible, it’s more of an elbow pushing exercise just to make any headway through the crowds. But as I was in town before nine am I enjoyed a leisurely stroll, wander, ‘n chat with various stall holders.  I met my friend Tenoch King from Mariposa Art Framing in Port Chalmers and bought a magnetic picture frame. Then I met up with Sue Emslie who is a fantastic limestone n’ ceramic sculptor and made a purchase. (I can’t say what as it’s a gift for a family member!) Sue has just moved into a new workshop ‘n gallery space in Sawyers Bay. I then sat for a while in the Octagon sunshine and listened to the King’s and Queen’s Kapa Haka group performing. With three tourist boats in town  there was a very large and appreciative audience.

So what’s this got to do with Poems in the Waiting Room I can hear you say. Well I’m getting there……………………

Remember last year’s When North meets South exhibition – our 2012 fundraiser? Well I’ve just started working on the 2013 fundraising exhibition, Bellamys’ at Five. Poems in the Waiting Room is celebrating its fifth birthday in September and the 20th edition. So we decided it was appropriate to hold the exhibition in September. John and Pauline Bellamy are happy to host it again, hence the title.

Over the last five years 180 poets from all over the world have loaned us their poems to use in our cards. Last week I approached 50 poets from New Zealand, the UK, and the US,  requesting permission to make their poems available again, this time for selection in our 2013 exhibition. I then invited 50 artists from around New Zealand to each choose one of these poems and create a work, in their chosen medium, in response to their poem.

All the art work will be offered for sale at our September exhibition. Poems in the Waiting Room will take a small commission on all sales and this will be put towards our printing costs for future PitWR cards.

So once again I’ll be documenting the ‘poArtry’ as it progresses, photographing previous works, chatting to the artists, peeking at kitchen tables, studios, and other workspaces. I’ll catch up with the poets, feature some of their previously published poems, take photos and give you an insight into a poet’s life!

In the next week or two I hope to have a sister blog up and running especially for the exhibition. I’ll redirect you there when it’s ‘all go’.



Swamped by light is a line from Stars, one of the poems on offer to our artists. It seemed a natural fit for today’s post after the spectacular start to my day!

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