An American twist

A great Dunedin café

Poems in the Waiting Room’s 2012 When North meets South exhibition gave me a fantastic opportunity to meet poets, artists, visitors to Bellamy’s Gallery…. and to also widen my circle of email friends, namely the North Island haiku poets.  John Bellamy rang me one night to say, a guy came into the gallery today and he was sorry to have missed you so I hope you don’t mind but I gave him your email address.

A few days later I received an email from David Kelly-Hedrick. He lives in Seattle and is in Dunedin for several months with his family while his wife works at Dunedin hospital. We’ve met in local cafés a couple of times, swapped poems, poetry tales and ideas. He offered to help with PitWR in any way so I quickly accepted and asked him to proof read the autumn edition. Although I may have to proof-read his proof-reading to ensure he hasn’t let any American spellings slip into our kiwi card!

Have a look here to see one of David’s projects. He is currently working on a poetry project for Dunedin’s Fringe Festival. More about that another time……………………….

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